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Welcome to the website of the Coral Ondarreta. Through the different sections that appear in its header, we invite you to better know our veteran group, which in 2017 turns 50 years. It was founded in September 1967, under the shelter of the Church of Las Mercedes, in Las Arenas (Getxo, Bizkaia), where it began to develop its activity under the impulse of its first members and the first director, Don Bonifacio Osa.

Composed of around 50 mixed voices, the Ondarreta Choir represents, together with the Men’s chorus Biotz Alai de Algorta, the oldest and most important coral mass of Getxo, a municipality on the right bank of the Ria de Bilbao with about 80,000 inhabitants and an ingrained liking with this musical discipline. With a loyal audience following our activity, the striving to correspond to such a privileged context of public receptivity has been a constant priority.

Auronzo DiCadore
(Veneto, Italia)

This is proved by the diversity of musical contents for which we have staked firmly throughout this half-century of life. Various genres and musical epochs have been disseminated throughout our extensive list of concerts, some of which have acquired annual regularity and have become an essential event in the cultural agenda of the municipality. We have also advocated for a projection beyond our municipality, which has led us to become ambassadors of the same. We have taken our music to other communities of Spanish geography, as well as to other European countries, such as Belgium, Germany or Malta, to name just a few examples, having recently produced (June 2016) our last international incursion into Italian lands, result of a musical exchange with another choir group in the region of Veneto (Corale San Salvatore de Susegana).

Nuestra coral encara hoy el porvenir con especial interés por poner en marcha nuevas propuestas y nuevos proyectos que garanticen su permanencia en el tiempo y en las generaciones futuras.

Our choir faces today the future with special interest in launching new proposals and new projects that guarantee its permanence in time and in future generations. This has undoubtedly contributed to the recent incorporation of a successful musical and technical management, headed since September 2013 by its Director, Mr. Iñaki Moreno Navarro, who beforehand has been - among other extensive professional merits - Director of the emblematic Sociedad Coral de Bilbao (for more curricular information, see section Director of this page). The wide range of ages that make up the grouping and the scope of ideas and perspectives that this entails, enrich traditional and modern elements.

Although hopeful and motivated in relation to the above, even more in the context of commemoration of our Gold Anniversary, in Coral Ondarreta we are also aware of the more complex challenges, often linked to the material sphere. To achieve our goals, we have the financial resources generated by our musical activity and the annual fees of our Friends Club, plus the financial support provided by Getxo Town Hall. Obviously, none of these three elements would make sense without the constant work of the group and without a public willing to enjoy our music and share it. Therefore, the challenges are unquestionable, but also the possible resources with which to deal with them. Choral singing is a team effort, it would be inconceivable without those who make music, but neither without those who can not live without listening music.

If your visit responds to one or another interest, at the Coral Ondarreta we give you our most cordial welcome!

Jon Atxa
Presidente de la Coral Ondarreta